How To Make Pencils With Two Hands


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Title : How to make Pencils with two Hands.
Description : Good video about pencils. This free video was created for you by and can be re-used for free, under the creative commons license, with the attribution of as the original creator of this video about pencils.

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A pencil is a tool for writing and drawing. The first pencils were produced in England. The pencils became possible, because pure graphite was discovered in England. The first modern pencil was invented in Germany, in the year of 1662. Modern pencils were manufactured by mixing dirty graphite with water, and clay or wax. The modern pencils are classified with the European system of standards. The pencils can have many colors. Orange is the classic color for pencils. German pencils are green or blue.

The internal color of the pencil can have many different versions. Pencils can be blue, black, orange, green, red or even white. There are no limits for the color, but there are limits for the size of the box with pencils.

The hardest pencils are used for the people who work with wood. The carpenters use the pencil for their work very often. Different pencils have different properties. Hard pencils are good for writing. Soft pencils are good for drawing. The stem of the pencil can have very different properties. A pencil can be soft, hard, round, flat, slow or fast.

The pencil is the traditional tool for writing. Today, the pencils are used for drawing, more than for writing. The pencils can create very thin lines. It is possible to create very good drawings and industrial plans with a pencil. Almost 2 billion pencils are made every year, in the city of Nuremberg, because it one traditional city, where the industrial production of pencils was invented.

Crayon is the French word for pencil. The eraser and the sharpener tool are the best friends of the pencils. The life of children is never complete without pencils and other materials for drawing. The pencil is a very simple tool for creativity and imagination. There are no limits for the creativity, if you can own a pencil.

The animated films for children are often created with pencils that have colors. The strong colors are very popular among children. They colors of the pencils make the children happy. The modern pencils can have 6 colors in one stem. Those pencils are very popular among artists who need special effects in their art.

Before the invention of the pencils, the women had to write with metals and ink. After the invention of the pencil. More writing was possible. Books were written. More art was created. The invention of the pencil was very good for the education of people.

A modern pencil is an advanced tool. A modern pencil can draw a line that is 60 kilometers long. The modern pencil can write 45000 short words. Modern mechanical pencils do not need to be sharpened. Colored pencils can have hundreds of different colors in one box. Life is great. Art is great too.

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